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Our Paper Rewriting Example

Why Would You Need a Rewrite Example?

Rewriting or paraphrasing is when you take what someone else has written or even said and then repeat it while using your own unique words and phraseology. Typically, the purpose is to avoid any form of plagiarism or to retarget or improve the original. We will paraphrase single paragraphs for inclusion within a larger paper instead of using a quotation while we may reword an entire essay to make it easier to understand for a different audience.

But the problem is that most people struggle with sentence rewriting and will fail to avoid plagiarism. This is because they tend to reuse large amounts of the original text. Others will simply fail to fully replicate the full message conveyed by the original. By viewing a paraphrase example you can help to educate yourself as to how you should be conducting your own rephrasing.

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Using Example Paraphrasing?

Seeing how something is done is a great way to learn how to do something. So viewing a sample paraphrase is often the best way to see just how your article rewriting should be done. It can show you just how different your own wording should be and also show you how the structure of an essay should change when rewriting successfully.

You can also see from the paraphrase example just how the full meaning of the original is maintained. Of course, any sample that you see online should never be used as your own as this would be plagiarism and would get you in some serious trouble.

How to Paraphrase Successfully with Sample Paraphrase

If you have seen a paraphrase example and are still not very sure as to how you should be going about doing your own rewriting then the following tips will help you:

Always ensure that you fully understand who your target audience is for your rewriting and the purpose of the rewriting.
Read the source text through to ensure that you fully understand all of the points that are covered.
Make some simple notes in your own words of each point.
Arrange your notes into a logical sequence for your rewriting; they need not be in the same order as the original.
Rewrite using your notes only without refereeing to the source.
Compare your rewriting to the original to ensure that you have not repeated any of the text and that the points have all been covered.
Proofread carefully to ensure that there are no errors in your writing.

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We Can Provide the Best Rewriting and the Best Paraphrase Example

If you just don’t have the time to do your rewriting or you are not sure how to do it successfully while avoiding any form of plagiarism then we can help you. Our services use only postgraduate degree qualified experts that speak perfect English. They will work with you one on one through our service to fully understand your requirements.

All rewriting that is provided will be checked for plagiarism and a free report produced as well as being proofread to eliminate any possible errors. Our work is always delivered on time within your stated deadline and will be covered by our total satisfaction money back guarantee.

Are you searching for a well-written rewrite example? Check out our website and samples that we offer here! Don’t waste any minute!