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Professional Rewrite Example

How Can a Rewrite Example Help You?

rewrite examplesRewriting or paraphrasing as it should be called is the process through which you reword what has already been said or written in your own unique words. Unlike summarizing you will seek to communicate all of the points raised in the original source text rather than just the main ones and the text length will be very similar to the original. We use paraphrasing for many different reasons from simply showing that we understand the original through to rewriting so that it can be reused without any issues or penalties associated with plagiarism.


But actually doing paraphrasing is not as simple as it may seem. It is a lengthy process and often you will find that you keep repeating the original text or will fail to repeat the meaning. Rewrite examples however can help you to understand exactly how you should and also should not paraphrase.

Using an Automatic Paraphrasing Tool

Many will quickly leap to using one of the many available rewrite text online free tools that  to do paraphrasing at no cost. These tools work by simply taking words in turn and changing them for a synonym (word that means the same). The following is a good example of what the software can do:


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Paraphrased version:

The brisk chestnut fox hops over the apathetic pooch

Getting text that makes sense and maintains the original meaning however is rare. The reason is that many words have multiple meanings and the software cannot actually read. So it will fail to understand the context in which the word is used and will often swap if for an incorrectly chosen word. The following is an example of a very poor automatic paraphrase:


The United States Armed Forces split into Unified Combatant Commands (regions) that are assigned to a particular theater of military operations.

Paraphrased version:

The Assembled States Military split into Bound together Warrior Charges (locales) that are relegated to a specific play house of military surgeries.

As you can see, the above makes little if any sense. You should also note that software will not change the structure of the writing either so it will still look very similar to the original.

Tips for Paraphrasing Correctly

The following are some simple tips to ensure that you paraphrase in an accurate and unique manner:paraphrasing example

  • Ensure that you know your target audience and reason for paraphrasing
  • Read the source text very carefully until you are sure that you fully understand it
  • Make notes of all of the points raised in your own words
  • Arrange those notes in a logical sequence for your rewriting
  • Rewrite using only your notes
  • Compare the rewritten text to the original and change any wording that may be too similar

Avoid Making Obvious Paraphrasing Mistakes Such as This Paraphrasing Example

rewrite exampleParaphrasing is about communicating meaning and not a mechanical process for rearranging words within the original source text as software does. If you cannot understand the original then you will not be able to paraphrase it. Do not try to go about paraphrasing just by changing order or words. Just by changing the order of the text you do not avoid issues with plagiarism:


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Paraphrased version:

The lazy dog was jumped over by the quick brown fox.

While the words are arranged in a different order all we have done is swap them around a little within the sentence. This is not acceptable and would still be seen as being plagiarism.

We Offer Guaranteed Help with Your Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a lengthy and often confusing process so if you need help just contact us here today. We offer professional rewriting through staff that are fully qualified in the area in which you are looking for rewriting as well as being highly experienced in the actual process.

We offer rewriting that will be thoroughly proofread as well as being tested for plagiarism before we deliver it to you on time. Our services that include essay or SEO article rewriter also come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee to protect you at all times.

So if you are not able to use a rewrite example to help you paraphrase or just don’t have the time get in touch with our experts here today for help that you can trust to deliver paraphrasing that is error free and accurate every time!