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Take Advantage of Our Word Count Checker


Why Check Word Count

Picture this: you get an assignment from a professor or teacher. You’re perhaps used to writing by page count, but at the bottom of the paper it says “length: 1000 words”. How are you supposed to know what 1000 words is? How many pages will it be? Fortunately, there are plenty of options for easy word counting.

But you need one that is precise and tells you exactly how much you have written. You must show your instructor that you are capable of following instructions. How will you find a good one, and how can you use it?


How to Use Word Count Checker

Using an online word count checker is as easy as pie. There are only two steps: input your text, and click “check”. Indeed, some word count checkers don’t even require you to use a button, as they update as soon as you put text in! Most allow you to input through both copy and paste and typing.

This is handy because it means you can either put an already-finished piece of writing in or type a brand new one right into the box. Depending on whether you’re doing a long essay or a short discussion piece, you can use it, however, works best. You can use it when you try to rewrite my paper. The word count checker is the best tool for getting an accurate word count.

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Why Use Word Count Checker

It’s true that many word count check tools can be found all over the internet and offline too. Finding one, therefore, might not seem too tough. Blackboard has them for forums, word processors have them. They’re everywhere in these days of precision and accuracy. But online word count tools have several unique advantages:

  • Incredibly portable
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use

The word counter on school websites such as Blackboard could be inconvenient and not always accurate, for instance. Offline word counters, such as those on a word processor, are not nearly as portable as an online one. If you use our online word count tool, you can type anywhere that you have a browser and see the word count. It’s convenient and incredibly simple. No messing around trying to find the counter, just click and go. Also, you can use it when you want to expand text.

The Best Word Count Checker Ever

We are confident that our word count checker stands up against anyone else’s. We put effort into making sure that it’s quick and accurate because we know how important speed is in our fast-paced modern world. You don’t have time to mess around trying to make sure you click the right button.

You deserve quick updates that let you gauge how long you have to write. We want to make sure you can access them and therefore make your paper great. That’s why we put so much time and effort into developing this word count checker. Try it and see for yourself!

With this great word count checker, you know that you will be in good hands!